7th JANUARY 2016

Hi all this is my first blog. along with this new Website. I am intending to launch this site even though its not completed you will find the Fungi section complete as is the Dragonfly section. hopefully you will have new experiences on each visit. When the site is finished (up to date I will add and take away images as I go along.

Yesterday I visited ladle hill birding, the weather was very changeable with a few bright spells but mainly overcast, the ground was fairly soggy even though I was on a hill. the changeable lighting  made it difficult by having to check the light and occasionally adding a stop of light to the camera to brighten up my images.


This venue was ladle hill for some birding and I was very pleased to see a large flock of Fieldfare

(Turdus Pilaris) I would estimate that there were between 75-100 birds. With a few Redwings

(Turdus Iliacus)thrown in for good measure. The problem as is usual with wildlife photography is getting close enough for a shot, further along my walk I noticed a group of Brambling 

(Fringilla Montifringilla)  this is one of our most attactive birds, there were seval great tits and blue tits amongst this flock  totalling about 40 individuals. because of the height of the hill the buzzards and Red Kites were quite low. A female Kestrel gave a nice display but just a little to far for any shots. 

                                                                                       12th JANUARY
A short sharp unorganised trip to Farlington marsh today, with the wife in tow. Unorganised was the word, on arrival the wind was gale force a walk round the sea wall revealed the usual subjects of pintail ducks, Mergansers, Brent - and various other geese, the SEO was in a tree, however there were larks and others to see I did not bother with photos as we had a problem staying upright. So back to the car for a jaunt into Hayling island then sitting in the car watching the waves crashing and a nice bag of fish and chips!
                     16TH JANUARY 
Rainham marsh Essex is an RSPB site I have been visiting for a few years, Apart from living just down the road for my early teenage years, the majority of my  wifes family although originally from the east end of london now live in essex. Whilst my wife goes up west to a show etc I go to Rainham marsh. This what i call a posh site with really great hides and a small tea rooms. being situated on the thames estuary you are spoilt with waders and a good mix of avian life. After walking round the site I headed to the tea room for a cuppa and cake. todays Highlight was the SEO sightings i had noticed they were mainly in the far end of the site. I therefore drove out to the A13 and onto a well known area near the barges. walking down to the fenceline I was treated to an arial display by up to three SEO. It is always a little frustrating from a photograohic standpoint that the Owls are a little further than one would like. I was armed with my sigma 500MM f4.5 and canon 7dMk2. Below is some images that are fairly heavily cropped and  NET IMAGE  applied. whilst on the subject of photography I am not that impressed with the 7dmk2 noise its not that much better than the previous mk1 maybe a half to two thirds of a stop. These images were taken fairly late in the day about 3pm although this was a great and bright saturday.